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Most of the time, we see a few issues with search, and lack of placement in SERPS (search results).  The most common cause if total lack of effort, and therefore thought about search and rankings.  Many people call and ask for help, they know they need it, but up until this point they have never done anything positive about creating better rankings.  So the first step is admitting you have a problem, and the easiest way to notice you have a problem is to search for your category, and probably your locality.  An example would be searching for plumbers (if that is your business) in the areas you want to get calls from – “plumbers Pittsburgh, Pa” – typing in this phrase in Google will show you where you are in relation to your competitors who HAVE put thought and effort into marketing their sites.

Sometimes the required effort can be very little, while other times, in very competitive markets, the effort may require weeks of thought and effort.  Even if you are the only game in town, you need to at least have a good presence, and be easy to find, so your customers don’t look in the next town over.