Website design, repair, and revenue generating webs

The easiest, most consistent strategy, and the one that works for everyone, is creating, good, relevant content.  If you create a 5-page website for your appliance repair business, you should make sure that each page has as much relevant content as possible on those 5 pages.  Relevant content is the single most important factor for organic search ranking that any local business can focus on.  If you focus on other strategies before you focus on what is actually ON your website, you may wind up losing any benefit from external activity.  Google, Yahoo, and Bing are very interested in making sure that it’s customers (search users) find EXACTLY what they are looking for when they click a search link.  So it is in the search giant’s best interest to determine what is actually on each page on the wb, and help GUIDE users to the correct place.  This reason is why you will hear the phrase – “content is king”- because it is.  It is the best place to start, so you can have a strategy based on content when you move externally.  Always start your marketing effort with the soul of your online-identity – your content.