Website design, repair, and revenue generating webs

web-dunceWeb Design – anyone can do it, right?

As implementing websites becomes easier, just about anyone with the desire to learn and the ability to stick with the project and see it through to the end can build their own website, right?  There are quite a few tools available to help even the novice “geek” to move forward and lay out a simple design, and fill in the form to get you up and running tonight.

So what is the problem?

There are quite a few problems with the DIY website, and we will discuss a few here.

Problems with the Do-It-Yourself website.


Poor layout, graphics, colors and appeal – so you like orange and purple – AWESOME.  I hope your customers do?

Content – the most valuable piece of property on the web is what you share, and how you share it with your customers, and yet content consistently receives the least amount of attention.  The Insta-Site cannot provide you with content that is relevant.

Advertising – most of the DIY sites add some advertising at the bottom of your site – a little badge, or clickable image that takes you to where “you too can get your very own, cheap, fast, canned site for $50/month.  Choose from our wide variety of 30 designs that everyone else has been using for the last 5 years.”

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The list above are only a few of the obstacles you need to overcome when starting or improving your website.  The question you must ask yourself is WHY –  Why do you need a website?

Do you really need a website?

If the answer is YES, then the next question is WHY?  If you are in business, you will need to acquire new business at some point unless someone else is doing that for you.  Free business, from sources such as referrals, repeat customers, or having a monopoly, is a wonderful thing to have.  Only the monopoly would be self-sustaining.  The rest of us have to rely on other methods of bringing in business.    Salesmen, advertising, cold-calls etc. are the standard method.  Then came the web.  If done correctly, it is the single-most effective strategy for acquiring new business.  But is has to done correctly to be effective.  You must put thought, time and effort into a strategy that will produce some return.