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macarena guys

Why update your website?

The main reason is that animated American flag went out with fanny-packs and the Macarena.  Not that there is anything wrong with a fanny-pack, or the American flag, just a suggestion that your site may need to be examined for freshness.  More often, the content and message needs updating more than anything else.  Add more content, change the outdated and wrong info, and perk up your site with a new look or simply some new elements.

There are quite a few other reasons to update your site besides the obvious ones, like outdated designs and content.  The biggest reason to consider a refresh or update is the dramatic change in technology over the last 5 years.  The rules for coding and displaying web elements have changed dramatically, and you can certainly be losing money, simply based on your lost revenue due to a search spider to locate your information – it happens all the time.

fanny-pack-is-backThe best way to evaluate the need for an update is by having a quick survey done.  A general overview, or inspection of your site to look for obvious errors, problems and pitfalls you may not be aware of.  Should take less than an hour to find the flaws (they are always there) and make some suggestions to remedy them quickly.  So unzip the fanny-pack and let us take a look inside.