Website design, repair, and revenue generating webs

The primary reason for a business website should be to Attract more customers, or at least Convince prospective customers to do business with you.

Attract – beat your competition to the punch, get the call or contact from the prospect BEFORE they do

Convince – have a compelling message to “sell” your ideas, services, or products to your customer

Attract more customers with your website

The primary way to attract customers from the web is with your content.  The topics, titles,  descriptions and images of the pages and bodies of your site will do more to bring people to you more than anything else.  Is it that easy?  NO.  There is NOTHING easy about creating interesting, unique and new content.  Compelling content should naturally drive visitors to your site.  This is the first step.  Everything else should be considered secondary efforts.  External links (backlinks) are also very important, but they are useless without compelling, interesting and RELEVANT content.

Convince your visitors to buy your goods or services with your website

A frank discussion of your goods and services is essential to attract your customers.  Focusing on your core profit centers is mandatory.  The message overlaid upon this discussion will make the difference between the sale or not.  Close the deal with your message.  Do what it takes to close the deal, whether that be clicking the BUY NOW button, clicking on the CONTACT button, or picking up the phone – these are all closes.  Close the deal, and help your prospects make a decision.  Your website should be a key component to closing new business.  if it is not a pipeline to close business and convince new customers, you are doing it wrong.