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This is a question businesses have been asking themselves for several years now – “Do I really need a Yellow Page ad?”.  Not too long ago, Yellow Pages made the difference between success and failure, and sometimes big successes were had simply by large ads on the “right” pages.  Many things have changed in the last few years.  The biggest change is the way consumers shop for products and services.  In fact, according to Forbesconsumers report using the internet first (80% of the time) when they need a new product or service, and printed Yellow Pages only second or third (about 50% of the time.)  These are striking numbers if you can recall the time when the ONLY resource we had as consumers was the phonebook.  The article goes on to point out that certain industries may need to continue running ads the old-fashioned way (especially if it is working) and the phone book should be simply supplemented by web and other methods.  But for the rest of us, Yellow Pages simply DO NOT WORK anymore, and for the price you are paying to advertise, you could invest your budget in something that continues to pay off year after year, for a small fraction of the price YP ads still run.