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What is wrong with my website?

So many possibilities for failure exist when building a website that most managers make quite a few mistakes in the beginning, and continue to make many of the same mistakes over and over.  With the overwhelming cost associated with building, updating, and maintaining a proper site, many managers opt for DIY solutions in the beginning, and fail to fully realize the potential for a professional site to dramatically alter the way you do business.  With these early failures, many never grasp the potential to drive business from web traffic.  Let’s face it, Yellow Pages is almost dead.  When was the last time YOU looked up a business in a yellow book?  So what are you prepared to do to catch your share of the traffic?

Do you have a website ?

If not, get started on one.  It takes time, effort, and money, but will pay you back 10x in the first year (depending on your market)

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whySEO2Is your website VISIBLE with search, and especially LOCAL search?

One of the most overlooked aspects of operating a website – if you are invisible to searchers, what is the point of having a website?  This is a critical point, and one that is hard to understand with all the phrases being thrown around, but the basics are pretty simple and easy to address.  Why then do most small businesses fail to address the easy points?

yellow-pages-RIPIs 1/2 or more of your business coming from the WEB?

If not, why not?  Depending on your industry, it is not unreasonable to expect 50-75% of all your new business to come from the web.  In olden days, the Yellow Pages,  referrals,  salesmen, and being the only game in town got you all the business you could stand.  Today, you have to fight for business, and one of the most important battles is the battle for search, and beating the other guys for the top, or at least the first page.  There are a number of ways to win at search, and a few of them are quick and easy – have you done the easy things yet?

What is wrong with your current website?

Problems with most websites vary, but they ALL have problems.  The main problem almost all websites have is – THEY FAIL TO PROVIDE ADEQUATE BUSINESS REFERRALS.  Translation: You are not getting enough customers, or generating enough revenue from your current website – and you can ALWAYS get more.

  1. What are your current goals, and where are you falling short?
  2. Do you fully understand what is possible from the web?
  3. Do you have reasonable expectations?
  4. Do you know what your competitors are doing?
  5. How does your site compare with your competitors?
  6. How does your search results (SERPS) compare with theirs?
  7. How does your traffic compare with theirs?
  8. How does your conversion ratio (visitors VS sales) compare with theirs?

If you can’t answer ALL of the above questions, you should consult with a professional, or at least someone that bathes regularly.